“Did You Check Out the New Kid?” or “Surprise Locker Inspection” or “Got Ink?”

An enormous octopus is trying to open the combination lock on a cast aluminum and bronze Davy Jones style locker in the locker bay. The sculpture was created in forton, aluminum and bronze.

Award Category
1% for Public Art Award
Commission Year
New George H. Gilson Middle School

There’s a new kid at Valdez Middle School and he’s, let’s just say, a little unique.  This recent transplant from way offshore (or was it “down under”) had a custom locker installed for him at the center of the locker bay.  Who knows what’s in that locker, or why this new kid loves fish sandwiches so much…let’s just hope he joins the wrestling team!

In homage to Valdez and its nautical setting and history, we decided to create an off the wall, whimsical addition to the students’ locker section of the new middle school.  This cephalopodic themed sculpture of steel, cast aluminum and Forton was the number one choice of the Art Selection Committee for the new George H. Gilson Middle School.  The sculpture has three separate titles and we decided to keep all three.  For the name of the locker, there was only one choice… “D. Jones”. When in Valdez, check out the hand forged steel locker with cast aluminum “wood” planks, forged handle rings and cast bronze lock, and … “Check Out the New Kid !”.